Spider Training Center

The Future Begins Here

Spider Training Center “STC” is a professional training center, located 20 km from Monastir international airport, considered the first complex in Tunisia and North Africa which provides End2End solutions for the automotive sector from initiation from an idea for a new product or service to its accelerated realization through the initial, fundamental, continuing and additional training required by any learner and entrepreneur who wants to create new added value in the classic car sector, cars hybrids and electric cars.

STC’s strategic vision has focused on three major features:
First, raising awareness of the importance of vocational training as a linking component between jobseekers and companies. Second, building a relationship based on mutual cooperation between the company and its staff substantiated through continuous improvement and skills upgrading, thus, resulting in a higher productivity and better competitiveness. Third, encouraging companies to be socially involved by interacting,creating and mutually reaching a beneficial relation of trust with its environment and impacting society positively by increasing employment and employability effort young people.

STC main objective as a professional Training Center is to place its customers at the heart of its concerns by providing them with professional skills, using the best equipment qualifying them to fully meet the most urging market requirements. STC’s continuous training scheme:
Offering various training services
Providing a propitious atmosphere, continuous support and basic resources for the development of the trainee’s skills
Developing adequate training courses to fulfill the needs of a rapid economic development.

Competence : Each person performs their tasks in the most professional way. They are required to implement all their know-how, skills and experience so as to achieve the results agreed upon.

Respect : Each person should show respect to anyone they are interacting with, whether they are trainees, colleagues, parents, volunteers or partners, listening to their needs and providing them with any necessary assistance.

Cooperation : collaborating towards a common goal.

Active participation and communication between people who work as a team is essential to achieve this goal. Cooperation is to be based on solidarity, trust and the recognition of everyone’s contribution.

Responsibility : A responsible person should be someone who keeps his commitments in a professional and ethical manner, while being accountable for his actions.

We rely on the dedication of a competent staff to respond to the labor market needs. Our objectives are :
To secure a high level of qualification and skills upgrade for our learners in order to enable them to participate actively in economic development.
To become internationally prominent through a bunch of successful actions in training and knowledge transfer.
To contribute to the regional progress through partnership and networking. To collaborate in sustainable development process.