Bosch Car Service is the world’s leading network servicing all vehicles regardless of make and age.

The network is made up of independent garages concerned with your safety and trained in all technologies thanks to the support of the world’s leading equipment supplier :

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  • A warning light on the dashboard ?
  • Worn brake pads?
  • Air conditioning that no longer works ?


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Bosch technology

Bosch parts are known for their quality and reliability, which is why Bosch is one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. Your vehicle therefore has many Bosch parts under the hood. This specificity makes Bosch Car Service the ideal network for the maintenance and repair of your vehicle.

Bosch is not only recognized as a major supplier of automotive parts, it is also the source of many innovations. Did you know that Bosch invented the multi-clip wiper blade? This innovation has considerably reduced the number of references required for optimal coverage of the windshield wiper market. Technologies such as ABS® or ESP® are some other striking examples of Bosch’s capacity for innovation.

Bosch technology, transmitted to the Bosch Car Service network, makes it the ideal repairer for your vehicle.