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GIZ is active in Tunisia on behalf of the German government and the European Union (EU), among others. It works with local partners on more than 50 projects and supports the country in its economic policy and democratic development, with a focus on rural Tunisian regions.

The priority areas of German development cooperation in Tunisia are :

  • Sustainable economic development and promotion of employment
  • Regional development, local governance and democracy
  • Water and the protection of natural resources

In order to improve the economic performance of the regions and attract more investment to the country, support is provided to the state, established businesses and start-ups – for example, in the digital economy. This creates income and employment opportunities.

Another line of work is decentralization. GIZ advises its Tunisian partners in the development of disadvantaged interior regions and supports the establishment of regional structures. GIZ also promotes the sustainable regional use of water resources. In collaboration with public, private and civil society organizations, solutions are developed for agricultural practices and rural development that conserve resources.

Other projects focus on key areas of energy and climate as well as migration. GIZ also coordinates country-specific activities in Tunisia on digitization, sustainability and gender.

Established in 2017, the reform partnership with Tunisia represents a bilateral contribution to the initiative of the G20 Pact with Africa. The jointly defined fields of action include the financial sector and the modernization of public administration. Improving the conditions for private investment will lead to employment effects that improve the economic prospects of the population in the long run.


Country Director of the GIZ Tunisia Office
Manfred Horr

Address :

Rue Le Grand Boulevard de la Corniche Immeuble le Grand Boulevard Cité les Pins, 1053 Berges du Lac II de Tunis

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+216 71967-220
+216 71967-227

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BP 753
10 80 Tunis-CEDEX